Building your watch

Let your ideas come to life, for you and your next generations – Machiel Hulsman

Everything is possible

Building a handmade unique watch from high-quality materials, completely according to your wishes. With display of time and complications (eg. perpetual calendar, solar time, tide, event calendar, etc.). All components, parts, materials and design from scratch and tailor-made including layout of the complications.

The process

The process of letting design and build your own bespoke timepiece by Hulsman Timepieces, consists of the following phases.

  1. Intake
  2. Translating your passions and ideas into a design
  3. Building 3D -and technical design
  4. Building process
  5. Testing
  6. Finalize the watch
  7. Maintenance of your timepiece

Your personal watch will be handed over including a complete build-report, containing photo’s and clips of the manufacturing of all the individual components, as well as a service manual and a certificate of authenticity.


If you are interested in the possibilities of manufacturing a watch, please contact me for an intake. Fill in the contactform or get in touch with me by telephone: +31 655 842 672

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