Bespoke watches entirely made (by hand) in The Netherlands

The sky is the limit when it comes to Hulsman's bespoke watches with the client getting to choose everything - including complications.


Machiel Hulsman

machiel_hulsmanFive years ago I decided to make my own watch from scratch. I took some courses at a Dutch watchmaking and jewellery school, which was good for acquiring some basic knowledge. But I found out that the knowledge and skills of how to create a wristwatch with your own hands, and some (relatively) simple tools, cannot be learned from a book. Most things I had to learn by trial and error; technical design, 3D designing, knowledge about the materials and of the machines. My timepieces are entirely made by myself in my atelier in the Dutch town of Hilversum.

The First Entirely Handmade Dutch Wristwatch

My aim was never about creating the first watch entirely made in the Netherlands, but during my five-year work on the Marie-Elise, I discovered that there had never been another Dutch-made wristwatch. Sure, many parts like the astronomical modules from Christiaan van der Klaauw are made in his own atelier, and several brands do the simple assembly in-house, meaning actually the encasing. Or like Grönefeld, the movement parts are made by an external company, but the hand-finishing and assembly of the entire movement (all several hundreds of pieces per calibre) is done in-house. In these five years, I have learned everything about watchmaking and completed the first fully Dutch handmade wristwatch, the Marie-Elise.

The Marie-Elise (2019)

Creating your own truly bespoke timepiece

My next aim is to find a second client who wants to embark on a journey with me to create a truly bespoke timepiece. You can go for a ‘simple’ three-hander with a hand-wound movement, or maybe he prefers a tourbillon? Or a moon phase indication, maybe even a 3D moon, or a perpetual calendar function? Even the design of the case, dial, hands, hour markers is all up to the client and it doesn’t have to look like my first wristwatches. You want something sporty, or very classic, or more modern? It’s entirely up to you.

Behind the scenes

Order now

There are simply no limits to the options that you have in co-creating your own timepiece. It’s a process that can easily take a year, and you will be involved in all steps from the beginning to the end. If you’re interested in a 100% bespoke timepiece, you can contact me through this contactform or get in touch with me by telephone: +31 655 842 672.

‘Let your ideas come to life, for you and your next generations’

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