This is how a Hulsman Timepiece is made

Transforming your ideas into an 3D design. From there I will manufacture your one-off timepiece.


‘Let your ideas come to life, for you and your next generations’

About the artist

machiel_hulsmanMachiel Hulsman (1977) born in Hilversum and raised in East-Groningen, enjoyed a youth in which he learned to think big and work hard at a young age. In his younger years Machiel already made mechanical creations and after a succesful career in the consultancy and a growing passion for watches, he returned to his passion. He quit his job and started with the creation of his first wristwatch, from his sketchbook in a shed of 6 square meters. In the next 5 years he made all 35 disciplines of watchmaking his own, to come to a completely handmade watch with several ingenuities: the Marie-Elise. Only through his passion, dedication and craftsmanship did Machiel succeed in creating a unique watch that can match the top of the watch world. Every part is an art piece in itself. This is the first Dutch watch in history and the door of the new workshop is open to customers who want to turn their own ideas about watches into a unique watch.

‘In 2012 the idea was born. But 5 years ago, during my time working on my own movement, I decided to do everything single thing by myself. I bought and redesigned the necessary machines, learned to design in 3D, computer controlled fresing etcetera. This is quite unique in this world. And in Holland I am the first to achieve this.’ thus Hulsman


If you are interested in the possibilities of manufacturing a watch, please contact me for an intake. Fill in the contactform or get in touch with me by telephone: +31 655 842 672

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